All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[1.32.0] - 2022-04-12

  • Return cursor to search box after 'Clear'
  • Advanced search UI changes -
    • Add publisher option
    • Remove 2nd options (Contains, Starts With, As a phrase, is exact) for the call number
  • Multiple values as different lines/paragraphs - ‘Alternative title' & 'Other Version Online’
  • Recommended Resources: Define display order by content type
  • Improve layout of "has parts" section
  • Add Telugu (TEL) to the Advanced Search languages drop-down
  • Author display normalisation
  • When top-level format is selected, format should be open, with sub-formats highlighted.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Missing thumbnail exposing text
    • Fix [object Object] [object Object] [object Object] display on record page
    • "Performers" NOT "Numbering Peculiarities" in record page
    • My saved search page fix and My catalogue saved fix.

[1.31.0] - 2022-03-15

  • Display image descriptions from WCAG PDF in PDF viewer on hover
  • Add 'DDC' field to record page
  • Implementation of Error boundaries in Userapp
  • Search Filters V3
  • Updates to Advanced Search
  • Update background image of SE Homepage
  • Bug fixes:
    • If PDF = book or ebook, display back cover in single page view.
    • Scroll to the top of search results page when click on partof link on record page

[1.30.0] - 2022-02-28

  • Update Language filter dropdown
  • Open Formats and Tags filters by default when a blank search is made on DC filters
  • Remove the SAVE SEARCH button from DC filters
  • Display source system identifier on DC file page
  • Allow a blank Advanced Search when filters AND/OR a language is selected
  • Error messaging for when CDI is down
  • Graceful degradation when Alma or Primo API is down
  • If user triggers CTRL-F, open all "show more" components.
  • Update tag taxonomy API
  • Move published Information to Notes section
  • 0.9.23 API changes:
    • format musicScores has been added Music format group
    • secondaryId has been added to file get API to display Ref code data in UI.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Firefox bug: "Show more" closes after CTRL-F
    • Update the styling of contents field in record page
    • Reposition the dots loader on the access loading cards
    • Fix right arrow button placement on bookviewer
    • Handle transcript text blocks in FE when the text field is missing in API
    • Fix transcript button styling issue
    • Fix double bouncing of pagehighlight animation on bookviewer
    • Fix IPad portrait pre-filters layout
    • Fix filters on the RHS breaking issue on smaller viewports
    • Fix error message styling on Advanced search page
    • Fix search results when a filter is excluded

[1.29.0] - 2022-02-08

  • Implementation of Skeleton placeholders for Holdings and Search results cards in order to help with the slow page loads
  • Update basic search results summary
  • Bug fixes :
    • Fix Paragraph formatting before "show more" is used.
    • Fix Screen freeze on click of 'SHOW ITEM(S) DETAILS.'
    • Fix issue of Holdings items not displaying
    • Fix 404 error when navigating up a level in an archival hierarchy
    • Fix Links (containing file ids) not scrolling to the image viewer as they should

[1.28.0] - 2022-01-24

  • Implementation of Tiger tags
  • Implementation of Historical loans
  • Implementation of SE Advanced Search V2
  • Display single page first, If PDF = book or ebook
  • On PDF viewer, minimise space between files on 2-page view
  • Update eresource recommender for Ancestry access statement
  • Hotfixes :
    • Fix 404 on 'My Catalogue' page
    • Fix page scrolls to viewer when share model opened issue
    • Update help component copy

[1.27.0] - 2021-12-22

  • Implementation of Pre filters V2
  • Update Digital Collections homepage content
  • Refactor homepage to use file count call client-side
  • Update Library timings in the help component
  • Display online related and online version multiple values in separate lines
  • Add Holiday hours notice on CEP
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix for displaying format labels in DC
    • Fix issues in the holding list table
    • Fix missing FL number in image viewer
    • Fix Multiple IE dropdown on Mobile devices when at the very top of the viewport

[1.26.0] - 2021-11-29

  • Implementation of languages grouping in record page
    • Add Australian Languages
    • Add other languages
  • Sort formats by total in Search results from higher to lower
  • Update the searchbox suggestion text
  • Change 'Author' pre-filter to 'Author/Creator'
  • Increase Cultural Acknowledgement(Intro Modal) cookie life to 90 days
  • Highlight which page of 2-page view is the file in focus (permalinked) when USE THIS block is open
  • Change language filter behaviour
  • Update preview record styles on search results page
  • Add accessible labels/text to buttons on Resource Recommender
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Update search keyword highlighting on DC image captions
    • Fix Holdings only showing 100 items bugfix by adding limit and offset to holding list API
    • Fix copy functionality of viewer when on full screen mode
    • Fix for adding labels to saved records
  • Search Enhancements:
    • Parenthesis fix in the query string

[1.25.0] - 2021-11-12

  • Implementation of Resource recommender in Search results page
  • Update IE order in multipleIE component
  • Add Electronic portfolios in record page
  • Bug fixes
    • Highlight correct image in the image viewer
    • Fix download file size when navigating between multiple IEs
    • Fix for displaying different files when opened from hierarchy browser
    • Fix page styling issue in record page
  • Search Enhancements
    • Enhanced call number searching (using the call number pre-filter),
    • Increased weightings for author searching,
    • Boosting of library holdings and
    • Overall improvements to title searching.

[1.24.0] - 2021-10-21

  • Integration of 0.9.20 API into User app
    • Add vernacular title in search results
    • Added new notes: datePublished, noteCiteAs
  • Highlight Search text in SE Search results Page
  • Add First Nations subjects/places/languages' (AIATSIS) in record page under subjects.
  • Display call numbers in multiple IE and viewers in USE THIS component
  • Display FL PID in 'Use This' component
  • Enable item level requesting
  • Update "Library closure" message in holdings area
  • Update Search results card as per latest designs
  • Update Saved Records page as per latest designs
  • Close Search filters by default except Access
  • Change the language multi-select filter to a dropdown menu
  • Remove yellow box on record page
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix excluded filters issue in search results page
    • Fix permalink and 404 page not found issues
    • Refactor nextjs routing to fix % encoding issues
  • Search Enhancements:
    • Vernacular title search

[1.23.0] - 2021-09-27

  • Navigating to Record/file page directly when searching an identifier Identifiers include:
    • Record Identifier (SE Search)
    • MMS Id (SE Search)
    • File Id (DC Search)
  • Order multipleIE component from highest IE to lowest IE.
  • Display Multiple IE component for 74VKqv5pXe4b record. Excluding this record from cartographic item type logic.
  • Implementation of Temporary locations Information of Holdings
  • Add description check for Item level requesting
  • Display Missing holding Items
  • Simplified CSS print stylesheet for records page
  • Split subjects, author or artists onto separate lines
  • Make Access filter titles sentence case
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix delay loading of record page title
    • Fix Album view routing in viewers
    • Fix wrong behaviour of links under preview record in SE search results on click
    • Fix early fade out/in of record in-page nav on mobile
    • Improve right-click functionality of Viewer thumbnails

[1.22.0] - 2021-09-08

  • Integration of 0.9.19 API into User app.
    • Add links and note to the related material
    • Add note value to the links for holdings
    • Add links to partOf Note
    • Add links to related material
  • Integration of RTA API into holdings using new End point
  • Implementation of 'onlineVersion' as 'Other version (online)' on record page
  • Implementation of 'onlineRelated' as 'Related resource (online)' on record page
  • Update the 'Access' area at top of records page
  • When open a permalink with a file identifier, scroll record page to viewer.
  • Display group_files sibling files on record page (Stage 1)
  • Filter valid languages in Search facets
  • Show 'Save Search' & 'Save Record' buttons even when not logged in
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Missing publication information (264 and 880-264)
    • Fix page not found issue in record page
    • DC 'Part of' link not working
    • Fix to few missing PDF thumbnail icons
    • Filter component not appearing after top-level filter excluded
    • Image files displaying outside of image/book viewer
    • Book viewer transcription search not working
    • Fix to click on export/share when the url has viewer
  • Search Enhancements:
    • GPO De-ranking in Main Catalogue
    • Subject and Title quote search fix in Main Catalogue
    • Boolean search, combining title and call number in Main Catalogue
    • CJK , diacritics & Synonyms in Main Catalogue
    • DC - Item title and file title cross field search

[1.21.0] - 2021-08-10

  • If on record page, hierarchy should link to file on record page.
  • Open 'USE THIS' by default if multipleIE viewer has content.
  • Make "View in old catalogue" open in new window by default under How to access section on record page
  • Records page - Add padding between p tags on the 'Content' field text
  • Updates to the record page sidebar navigation
  • New style and placement for 'Show More' in record page
  • Display thumbnail message for single files - including audio files
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Browser back button not working in viewers
    • Fix error page when record/file doesn't exist
    • Hierarchy browser fails to load - due to large data sets and timeout issues
    • Files in "Preview record" not linked to viewers

[1.20.0] - 2021-07-19

  • Exclude Alma/CDI records from "Access Conditions" logic
  • Auto focus on the first field on login screen
  • Add a new section to the Help modal
  • Update COVID yellow box with new content
  • Add call number to record share box
  • Allow multiple 'Copy Link' actions for Permalink's
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix focus of the file page when click on record from the 'Newly added items' area
    • Fix Show more related bugs:
      • Strange 'SHOW ALL' behaviour.
      • Double "SHOW MORE"
      • Unnecessary "Show more"
    • Close menu when click on Feedback in mobile/tablet.
    • Please make all titles sentence case in My details page
    • Files in "Preview record" not linked to viewers
    • Book viewer transcript spacing issue
    • Fix broken 404 error pages.
    • Thumbnails in some record pages are clickable even though there is no viewer.
    • Holdings Information is not auto updating after log in
    • Filters appearing on left, not right
    • Release modal in Safari is far too big and images are being strethced
    • Update tab order in Log in prompt

[1.19.3] - 2021-06-30

  • Updates to Cultural Acknowledgement Modal
  • Field Updates in Record page
    • Add Publisher beneath the Author/Creator
    • Rename Editions to Edition
  • Add Covid Alert banner in Access Block and Search facets
  • Disable item level requesting in the Userapp
  • Updates to search results card V2
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Add Binding Information in Record page
    • Fix incorrect Access statements
    • Fix null value in Access condition
    • Fix delay on Online chat button load
    • Fix scrollbar display flicker on record page side navigation
    • Fix Tooltips not showing on icons for saving search results.
    • Fix ISBN number in record page

[1.19.2] - 2021-06-24

  • Update Homepage as per latest designs
  • Update Digital collections homepage with the new images and content
  • Update Record page as per latest designs
  • Update Header as per Interim 'Go live' navigation changes
  • Implementation of Help modal
  • Implementation of Export modal in record page
  • Add print button in the record page
  • Integration of 0.9.18 API into User app
  • Add Forgot password link in Log in Prompt
  • Hide Show Items Details button in access holdings If not erequestable
  • Add 'Copy' functionality to Permalink in record page
  • Repositioning of 'SHOW MORE' functionality in fields with excess data.
  • Update search results card and preview record as per the requirement
  • Add ‘Preview' banner to Prod site similar to 'Internal Use Only’ in staging
  • Remove ‘Request in current catalogue’ link in 'How to access this item'
  • Visual feedback when clicking on side nav and section already in viewport
  • Change ghost text in the 'Additional comments' box when requesting
  • Update section titles in Record page
  • Update release Modal content
  • Text updates to the My Catalogue section
  • Hide Have your Say button
  • Bug fixes:
    • Missing AdLib data: "Collection History"
    • Unable to "exclude" sub-facet, if top-level facet selected.
    • Grey line on search results card (mobile viewports)
    • Long File identifiers do not text wrap or truncate on search results page
    • Unable to right-click > open in new tab/window on "full text available".
    • ‘Browse Full Hierarchy’ link not working in sidenav
    • Some records are showing 'Browse the hierarchy of this item' when there is no hierarchy
    • RECORD PAGE/FILE PAGE: Viewer flickers on image load
    • Search results: clicking on the last page number at the bottom of the page gives an empty search result
    • Accessibility fixes for Homepage Access links

[1.19.1] - 2021-06-16

  • Update Homepage as per latest designs
  • Update Digital collections homepage with the new images and content
  • Update Record page as per latest designs
  • Update Header as per Interim 'Go live' navigation changes
  • Implementation of Help modal
  • Implementation of Export modal in record page
  • Add print button in the record page
  • Integration of 0.9.18 API into User app
  • Add Forgot password link in Log in Prompt
  • Hide Show Items Details button in access holdings If not erequestable
  • Bug fixes:
    • Missing AdLib data: "Collection History"
    • Unable to "exclude" sub-facet, if top-level facet selected.

[1.19.0] - 2021-06-07 (Dev)

  • Update Homepage as per latest designs
  • Update Digital collections homepage with the new images and content
  • Update Header as per Interim 'Go live' navigation changes
  • Implementation of Help modal
  • Implementation of Export modal in record page
  • Add print button in the record page
  • Add Forgot password link in Log in Prompt
  • Hide Show Items Details button in access holdings If not erequestable
  • Bug fixes:
    • Missing AdLib data: "Collection History"
    • Unable to "exclude" sub-facet, if top-level facet selected.

[1.18.0] - 2021-05-17

  • Implementation of Holding Filters
  • Implementation of 0.9.17 API
  • Ability to include/exclude the entire 'eResources' items
  • Improve filter behaviour when format = sub-format
  • If itemType === ‘cartographic’, ignore multipleIe and display files in thumbnails
  • Label changes in "use this" modal (book and image viewer)
  • Context menu updates
  • Share modal label changes
  • Update Release Modal to be displayed with an overlay of the current page
  • Remove usage of 3600_0 image variant from frontend code
  • Bugs
    • Alma MARC 222 field is in the record twice - Show only Abbreviated title If variant title is same as Abbreviated title
    • Missing items displaying in CEP holdings
    • Incorrect display of ISBN values
    • Do not display the hierarchy viewer IF the source is Alma

[1.17.0] - 2021-04-27

  • Implementation of Release Modal
  • Display accurate CDI record counts in facets
  • Add PDF icon for Hierarchy viewer & browser
  • Add AdLib Field: "Issue Copy" in Record page
  • Bugs
    • Fix Broken "View Digital File" links in hierarchy browser
    • Fix Holding Item level requesting issue
    • Fix Browser back button issue when navigating back from Record page
    • Alma MARC 515 - Change label to "Numbering Peculiarities Note"
    • Search result item should open only in new tab when ctrl-click/ cmd-click.
    • Fix Bookviewer search text alignment

[1.16.0] - 2021-04-12

  • Implementation of Exclude/Include Filters in SE Search
  • Implementation of BookViewer & ImageViewer mouse right click custom Context Menu
  • Enable book thumbnails without showing Unbound widget.
  • Minimise how much of package.json we use in the frontend app
  • Fix for other formats not appearing in filter list for a multi-format record
  • Improve facet behaviour if facet or sub-facet selected
  • Fix Saved Records displaying incorrect Access information on Personalisation dashboard issue

[1.15.0] - 2021-03-17

  • Add brightness slider to Imageviewer and Bookviewer
  • Retaining the scroll position in search results when user clicks on browser back button Note: This has been implemented in Both SE and DC
  • Add gradient to the right If the playlist items goes beyond the screen
  • Display Log in button when reader is using Saved searches/Saved Records without logging in.
  • If user select a filter or sub-filter, that filter group should remain open
  • Remove "Eresources" from pre-filter search component
  • Add Primo links to Access Holdings container
  • Bugs
    • Update url when navigating between the multiple IE’s
    • Toggle between Log in and Search buttons in Header
    • Remove white space between content blocks in record page
    • Remove whitespace in Bookviewer when in full screen mode
    • Incorrect file downloading issue
    • Saved records page formatting issue
    • Alignment of My current searches and Saved Searches is not consistent with the rest of personalisation
    • Page breaking onclick of Zoom out on Album view for 2-3 times
    • Transcript downloading issue
    • Viewer issue on initial load
    • Item and file search - dates and date filter issue. Should accept years such as 190, 99.

[1.14.0] - 2021-02-22

  • Update Access holdings as per latest designs
  • Implementation of Labels feature in My Saved Records page.
  • 0.9.15 API integration
    • Accessing JWT token from login API response body instead from the header
    • Add routeTo: ‘Users’ to the ALMA and Personalisation request headers
    • Display vernacular titles in More details block in record page.
  • Create a pull request template for cep user app
  • Replace Local storage with Session storage to auto logout from the current session when the browser is closed.
  • Auto logout after 30 minutes of user inactivity.
  • Add back to search results button on File page
  • Grouping multiple IE’s in Hierarchy Browser.
  • Implementation of PCI Phase 2 requirements
    • Added new facet - Eresources in SE Search for blended search and PCI only as per designs
  • Sort multiple IEs by title then by Barcode
  • Bugs
    • Remove left over zero from the record page when Syndetics information is not available
    • Display files as thumbnails if isgroup is true
    • Fix images overlapping and gap between the pages issue in bookviewer two page mode
    • Add source field to more details block
    • Fix for Clicking on item from DC search results not opening correct Image in Viewer
    • Expand touch area of Imageviewer title on mobile
    • Added SVG icon for formats which doesn’t have thumbnail image in multiple IE container
    • Fix Zero files issue when viewing grouped results singularly in DC
    • Hide MMSID for archive records in Record page More details block

[1.13.1] - 2021-01-15

  • Add security to Vercel deployments
  • Update loan item after loan renewal to latest due date
  • Implementation of grouping of Audio files in DC Search Results
  • Updates to USE THIS block as per latest designs
  • Add MMS ID to catalogue description box in record page
  • Personalisation Updates / Bug fixes
    • Updates to Empty states and created dismissible alerts
    • Error handling in saved searches
    • Truncate long usernames
    • Fix gradient and alignment issue of Sub navigation
  • Fix Indent issues of facets on smaller browser windows
  • Rename "full text" button to "transcript" in Bookviewer
  • Update SE homepage preview content

[1.13.0] - 2020-12-18

  • Implementation of Personalisation features
    • Login and Logout
    • Requests
    • Loans
    • Current session search
    • Saved Searches
    • Saved Records
    • Personal details
    • Dashboard page to view all personalisation features at one place
  • Implementation of Requesting feature in Record Page when logged in
  • Grouping multiple digitised copies of books
  • Implementation of PDF Viewer
  • Building basic version of PRINT to allow users to print record page and file page
  • Update Digital Collections and Search Collection Homepages with new Images and content
  • Integration of API version 0.9.14 into UserApp
  • Implementation of PCI subformat mapping
  • Adding Ephemera in SE Homepage Filters
  • Bug Fixes
    • Enabling mouse scroll to zoom functionality only if the user clicks on the image viewer with mouse
    • Downloading two files separately when downloading in Bookviewer Two page mode.
    • Add reference to "State Archives & Records Authority of New South Wales" when viewing GPO record/file
    • Fix files overlapping issue in bookviewer
    • Fix empty thumbnail footer issue in Imageviewer fullscreen
    • Fix the advanced search issue when search term contains comma(,)

[1.12.0] - 2020-10-21

  • Integration of API version 0.9.13 into UserApp
    • Add new notes in More Information block in record page
    • Link Notes in record page to Advanced search page.
  • Add PDF download feature
  • Update downloaded filenames to use the Preservation Master FL number, prefixed by “SLNSW_
  • Display legacy identifiers (FL - Pres Master) in viewers
  • Updated Accesses as per latest UX designs
  • PCI - Add peer reviewed field in user app
  • Bug Fixes
    • Viewer navigator doesn’t display after navigating to next image
    • Book Viewer - Problem with Page Entry Field
    • DC - Search results page icon display distorted in ipad
    • Bookviewer AlbumView overlap with full screen exit button on mobile devices
    • Bookviewer toolbar issue in large desktops.

[1.11.0] - 2020-09-30

  • Update NextJs to 9.5.3
  • Vercel Github Integration
    • Deploy projects automatically on every Pull request
    • Every Pull request gets a fixed Deployment URL that stays updated with changes.
  • Make PageAlert configurable
  • Disable right click behaviour in Image viewer and book viewer
  • Ability to bypass the intro modal
  • PCI Updates
    • Expand/collapse Author/Creator in record page if > 6 values
    • Add status alert in SE search results when Primo is down
  • Bug Fixes
    • Page breaking when search term contains --
    • The 'zoom display' box doesn't disappear when in album view
    • Add comma delimiters in “"Showing page 1 out of 1969324 pages” in SE search results
    • Fix title truncation for big screens.
    • Remove text under formats on record page
    • Fix for extra padding in share block on record page top section in Ipad
    • Fix State Library logo resolution
    • Fix IOS tooltip fullscreen button in touch screen devices.
    • Fix preview record in search result text cuts off issue in Ipad
    • Fix OpenSeaDragon displaying minimap initially without zooming in.
    • Fix Album view button height issue In Imageviewer
    • Fix wave toolbar accessibility label issues
    • Fix issue with selected filters with '|||' delimiter repeating itself on click of remove filter

[1.10.0] - 2020-09-07

  • Merge Download and Share pops into USE THIS block as per latest designs
  • Update Catalogue preview banner in SE
  • Integration of PCI into CEP UserApp
  • Add CEP Identifiers in Record Page and File Page
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix minimap hiding issue when interacted.
    • Fix Audio player full screen breaking issue in mobile landscape
    • Fix wording issue when navigated between search results pages(displaying page 41 instead of page 2)
    • Hide Recently Added section temporarily in SE search results as it is displaying 0 totals
    • Update filters to be open by default in DC list view
    • Fix filters misalignment issue in DC search results

[1.9.1] - 2020-08-24

  • Implementation of Sticky audio player
  • Integration of API version 0.9.12 into UserApp
    • Add series in Record Information in record page
    • Add new notes in More Information block in record page
  • Fix for browser back button issue in DC search results after choosing a link from the result
  • Bug Fixes
    • Update view full catalogue record cta right clickable in File Page
    • Update padding for related information block in record page

[1.9.0] - 2020-08-17

  • Implementation of Sticky audio player
  • Integration of API version 0.9.12 into UserApp
    • Add series in Record Information in record page
    • Add new notes in More Information block in record page
  • Fix for browser back button issue in DC search results after choosing a link from the result

[1.8.1] - 2020-08-03

  • Bug fixes
    • Updated text from Page to Image in Bookviewer
    • Fix image title expanding past window screen issue
    • Remove imagesKey icon and replace with files text in Search results

[1.8.0] - 2020-07-29

  • Implementation of Related records and Related files in audio player
  • Added tooltips in audio player
  • Updated the audio results in the DC search as per latest designs
  • Updated the Search results as per PCI changes
  • Added back to top button in Advanced search
  • Bug fixes

[1.7.0] - 2020-07-08

  • Implementation of Advanced Search
  • Implementation of Download/Share in Audio player
  • Fix for Book viewer double pages different sized issue
  • Updated the permalink to share the file information from record page
  • Bug fixes

[1.6.0] - 2020-06-18

  • Implementation of Time coded transcripts for Audio Player
  • QA fixes for Audio Player - carried over from First pass
  • Display file size of each download
  • Implementation of sharing via Facebook, Twitter and mail
  • Integrating Hierarchy Browser V2 into Record and file pages
  • Refactor code in Hierarchy components
  • Implementation of Loading animations
  • Replace Item with Record in code where possible
  • Bug fixes

[1.5.0] - 2020-05-20

  • Implementation of Audio Player (First pass)
  • Update DC Search results pagination as per latest designs
  • 0.9.10 API changes integration
  • Update holdings data for Ask at Public Library
  • Bug fixes

[1.4.1] - 2020-04-28

  • Revert DC Search results pagination to Infinite Loading

[1.4.0] - 2020-04-27

  • Update DC Search results pagination as per latest designs
  • Showing up permalink in the userapp on click of share button.
  • Add "See All Results" in the DC searchbox to link to default search results page
  • Add 100% Zoom button to the Image viewer tools
  • Add Indicator to show download is in progress
  • Hide minimap by default and appear only when zooms in
  • Update the Collection highlights on DC Homepage
  • Updates to Hierarchy Browser V2
  • Disable Exit Modal
  • Bug fixes

[1.3.0] - 2020-04-03

  • Implementation of Permalinks Proof Of Concept for Record and File pages
  • Add Transcript download feature for books
  • 0.9.9 API changes implementation
  • Implementation of File groupings
  • Remove other links in SE viewer and viewer tool updates
  • Introducing new devfeature environment for feature based deployments
  • Add password to dev and staging environments
  • Access grouping in SE Search facets
  • Implementation of new Access states
  • Implementation of headless hierarchy browser
  • Bug fixes

[1.2.1] - 2020-03-18

  • Bug fixes from 1.2.0 DEV deployment
  • Password modal on DEV and STAGING environments

[1.2.0] - 2020-03-12

  • Update Imageviewer Albumview as per latest designs
  • Download feature(First pass) implementation
  • 0.9.8 API implementation
  • Update the content in DC Homepage
  • Add fileId to the URL using # to link the exact image in the viewer
  • Add classifications to the Full Record information in Item page
  • Bug fixes

[1.1.1] - 2020-02-27

  • Bookviewer and Imageviewer improvements on iOS devices
  • Bug fixes related to prefilters
  • DC Masthead version2 improvements
  • Bug fixes related to search results page and SE Homepage

[1.1.0] - 2020-02-21

  • Prefilters Implementation
  • Update Bookviewer as per designs
  • DC Masthead version2 implementation
  • Update NextJs to 9.2.2
  • Fix the Imageviewer touch screen issues
  • Social Media meta tags (Facebook/Twitter) implementation
  • Add new fields to SE Item page - for Access and Holdings
  • Update the copyrights fields in SE and DC
  • Add back to top button for search results
  • Move filters to right side in DC Search results
  • Add Hierarchy level and Number of images with imageviewer icon in SE Search results
  • Change the image view from 'Zoom' to 'Fit' in DC
  • Move "fit to screen" to rest of tools
  • Update Header and footer widths across all breakpoints
  • Reduce the extra spacing in search results and searchbox container

[1.0.6] - 2020-02-17

[1.0.5] - 2020-02-12 - Staging and Dev only

  • Replaced the Fotoware URLs with Cloudinary Urls

[1.0.4] - 2020-02-11 - Staging and Dev only

  • Remove the maintenance mode for UserApp on production environment
  • Minor bug fixes

[1.0.3] - 2020-02-03

  • Enabled the maintenance mode for UserApp on production environment
  • Updated the Opening hours in footer
  • Bug fixes related to Safari browser and IE11
  • Bug fixes related to navbar search and search results page

[1.0.2] - 2019-12-23

  • Hierarchy fetching library
  • SE Homepage: Make entire area of format grid cards clickable
  • DC Homepage: Fetch item count dynamically
  • Add extra creator information when available
  • Add banner above search bar to indicate work in progress state of application
  • Additional fixes for image viewer
  • Book viewer: Hide transcript button when transcript unavailable
  • Fix alignment issues in footer
  • Update record information component
  • Extend thumbnail component to support different aspect ratios
  • Prevent Have Your Say button from covering controls on exit modal

[1.0.1] - 2019-12-12

  • Fixed intro modal bug
  • Changed API request handling to fix some item & file page issues
  • Adjust hierarchy browser to get it ready for future work
  • Various style and item layout updates

[1.0.0] - 2019-12-11

  • Public beta release
  • Book viewer display improvements
  • Smooth scrolling to anchors
  • Improve scrolling in hierarchy interface
  • Adjust error messages
  • Fix browser compatibility issues
  • Various display bug fixes
  • Infrastructure improvements

[0.14.2] - 2019-12-10

  • Adjust intro modal cookie length for launch period
  • Add application monitoring
  • Fix bugs in hierarchy views
  • DC Search: Fix grouping bugs
  • DC Homepage: Content updates
  • Fix bugs in book viewer album view

[0.14.1] - 2019-12-09

  • Deep zoom images
  • Further improvements to hierarchy views
  • File grouping displays
  • Improvements to text search on Book Viewer
  • Tooltips on Image Viewer buttons
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated static content
  • Security improvements

[0.14.0] - 2019-12-04

  • Bookviewer
  • Added File search result groupings
  • Updated the Accesses and Holdings
  • Updated Copyright file page
  • Updated the Site Header Title
  • Added Exit Modals
  • Updated Error Messages
  • Updated the Intro Modal Content
  • Updated the About Page Content
  • Added Generic Message banner
  • Updated Other Content related changes
  • Accessibility fixes
  • Bug Fixes

[0.13.1] - 2019-11-26

  • Bugfixes from 0.10.3 related to Global Navigation, DC Homepage, Search Results page
  • Switched backend to run on Node.JS version 10
  • Accessibility improvements

[0.13.0] - 2019-11-18

  • Adjusted stylesheet breakpoints
  • Added the Global Navigation in the Header
  • Updated the DC Homepage
  • Search based on Call number
  • Clearing filters on new search as temporary solution until API supports prefiltering
  • API compatibility with 0.9.5
  • Displaying call numbers and publishing details in the Item search result
  • Hierarchy breadcrumbs in the Item page

[0.12.4] - 2019-11-07

  • Analytics hooks
  • Legacy IE compatibility fixes

[0.12.3] - 2019-11-07

  • DC homepage: adjusting scroll behaviour for newly added items
  • Fixes for API integration bugs
  • Fixes for bugs in DC file viewer
  • Fixes for UI issues with thumbnail strip
  • Hook for handling screen orientation changes
  • Updated tests

[0.12.2] - 2019-10-30

  • Compatibility updates for API version 0.9.3
  • Image viewer styling
  • Compatibility improvements for IE11 and other legacy browsers
  • Link SLNSW logo to Corporate Website
  • DC homepage: changed maximum tile count

[0.12.0] - 2019-10-14

  • Adjustments according to feedback from staff
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Record thumbnail styling
  • Style adjustments for DC Homepage
  • Updates to search facet behaviour
  • Store quick view state for later
  • OpenSeadragon component split for next major feature
  • Fixed sidebar issues
  • Updates to intro modal text
  • Optimising assets

[0.11.1] - 2019-09-25

  • Fix global styles in about page

[0.11.0] - 2019-09-25

  • Staff release!
  • Nested search facets
  • Introduction modal popup
  • Improvements for DC Homepage
  • Pull counts of all items from API
  • Update About page
  • Update header nav design
  • Improve Userback integration
  • Improve Safari compatibility
  • Extended test coverage
  • Normalise search queries while deployed to AWS Lambda
  • Improvements to search page display

[0.10.0] - 2019-09-23

  • API v0.9.2 support
  • Update Digital Collections homepage with improvements
  • Add Favicon and other metadata enhancements
  • Update Digital Collections new added files with static content
  • Reorder facets in SE Search
  • Update Digital Collections search facets
  • Update SE Home page
  • Update Have Your Say link to open up Userback modal
  • Update /bookmarks page with improvements and more examples

[0.9.0] - 2019-09-12

  • API v0.9.1 support
  • Site-wide footer
  • Improvements to search box
  • Digital Collections homepage
  • Improved mobile navigation
  • Adjusted load balancer configuration

[0.8.2] - 2019-09-03

  • Add multiple draft components for Digital Collections home page
  • Add "back to search results" link on item page using React context
  • Add test for quick view

[0.8.1] - 2019-08-29

  • Add fullScreen/exitFullScreen toggle button for ImageViewer
  • Update large desktop breakpoint to be wider for a more immersive collection experience
  • Update Accordion and spell it properly this time
  • Add selected date facet button on SearchApp

[0.8.0] - 2019-08-26

  • Update serverless.yml config to enable http to https redirect, effectively replacing API Gateway with ALB
  • Update ImageViewer design
  • Add format icons to search filters
  • Add date button to SearchSelectedFacets

[0.7.1] - 2019-08-15

  • Update packages with npm audit fix for security
  • Fix Quick View issue
  • Update RecordInfo styles

[0.7.0] - 2019-08-14

  • Update to Next JS 9
  • Remove next-typescript as Next JS 9 has TS built in
  • Replace Icomoon icons with custom SVG Icons
  • Add selected facet totals in SearchFacets
  • Update HierarchyBrowser scrolling issues

[0.6.2] - 2019-08-09

  • Update NProgress and move to Header
  • Refactor ItemInfo and FileInfo to RecordInfo
  • Add tests for home and search pages
  • Update Readme

[0.6.1] - 2019-08-05

  • Update Select component styles
  • Fix searchBy bugs on home and search pages
  • Fix ImageViewer toolbar button alignment

[0.6.0] - 2019-08-02

  • Add linkifyjs to turn content into HTML links
  • Add react-select to make select elements not ugly
  • Update search tests for better coverage
  • Update PasswordProtectModal redirect issues

[0.5.2] - 2019-08-01

  • Add @next/mdx package and import into /changelog
  • Add /about, /digital/about and /changelog pages
  • Update design styles with @jenny.lam

[0.5.1] - 2019-07-31

  • Add search by search, title, subject and author on home page
  • Fix withFetch issue with search value
  • Update PasswordProtectModal text
  • Add trial UX testing scripts to /bookmarks
  • Add Alpha tags to header menu

[0.5.0] - 2019-07-30

  • Add react-cookie library
  • Add temporary PasswordProtectModal and new /pages/password-protect page

[0.4.5] - 2019-07-25

  • Update ImageThumbnailStrip to fix mobile issue
  • Add useDebounce to Loader

[0.4.4] - 2019-07-25

  • Update Nav from dark to lighter background
  • Add thin format icons
  • Update styles before showcase

[0.4.3] - 2019-07-25

  • Add Accesses info to SE search results
  • Update facets on SE to the right
  • Add facets direction setting

[0.4.2] - 2019-07-24

  • Digital Collection search hotfixes

[0.4.1] - 2019-07-24

  • Update search pages to use withFetch HOC
  • Update item page access section
  • Update Hierarchy components

[0.4.0] - 2019-07-19

  • Update navigation header, adding two level nav
  • Update digital file routes from /file/id to /digital/file/id
  • Add copy to clipboard feature
  • Update sort by filters in SearchApp

[0.3.1] - 2019-07-19

  • Add accesses data to item page
  • Update HierarchyBrowser styles, bugs and rename to HierarchyBrowserContainer

[0.3.0] - 2019-07-19

  • Add HierarchyBrowserContainer component to Item and File pages
  • Update typography based on style guide
  • Update content for home page
  • Add all format icons

[0.2.1] - 2019-07-18

  • Add list and masonry view options for DC Search
  • Add Quick View to SE Search items
  • Add CSS Modules ESLint plugin and clean up unused classes
  • Update DateFacet

[0.2.0] - 2019-07-16

  • Update item page UI design
  • Update file page UI design
  • Update all data to use v0.8.5 of CEP API
  • Add tests for item page and search page
  • Add MiniHierarchyContainer to file page

[0.1.4] - 2019-07-09

  • Add reusable SearchApp component for SE and DC
  • Add MiniHierarchyContainer for navigating parent/child items and files
  • Add DC Search with MasonryResults
  • Update ImageViewer to accommodate albums with less than 5 images

[0.1.3] - 2019-07-03

  • Update Modal to use React Portals
  • Update styling and refactor search page
  • Add backend services repo type definitions into /types
  • Add test item with very few queries
  • Update nock tests
  • Remove dynamic import of ImageViewer component and use require()

[0.1.2] - 2019-06-28

  • Add Image component
  • Add react-masonry-component and MasonryResults component
  • Update ImageViewer styles and bug fixes
  • Update all references to variables.scss to global.scss
  • Update Layout component
  • Update TextTruncate to allow multiple dangerouslyInsertHTML props
  • Update item page data transform function

[0.1.1] - 2019-06-25

  • Next time merge with develop...
  • Update home page with links

[0.1.0] - 2019-06-25

  • Add FormatBlock component and custom SVGs
  • Update ImageViewer issues
  • Add Settings customisation feature
  • Update item page for new fields

[0.0.10] - 2019-06-21

  • Add nock API mocking library for testing
  • Update file and item page tests
  • Update item page design

[0.0.9] - 2019-06-17

  • Add axios-cache-plugin to cache API data on the browser
  • Set up different API URLs for each deployment stage in serverless.yml

[0.0.8] - 2019-06-14

  • Update AlbumView
  • Update TextTruncate

[0.0.7] - 2019-06-14

  • Connect item and file pages to v0.8.4b API
  • Add heaps more tests
  • Update search page with facets and pagination

[0.0.6] - 2019-06-07

  • Add more components!
  • Design Sytem page update

[0.0.5] - 2019-05-02

  • Add AlbumView and HierarchyBrowserContainer components
  • Update ImageViewer and ImagesList components

[0.0.4] - 2019-04-30

  • Remove corporate-icon-library from /static folder
  • Add react-testing-library

[0.0.3] - 2019-04-15

  • Reference corporate-icon-library from cloud instead of /static folder

[0.0.2] - 2019-04-10

  • First version